Artificial Intelligence

In the digital age, security is one of the primary concerns of any organization. Hence, businesses are constantly looking for better alternatives to traditional security models. As a result, different kinds of biometrics are used in various scenarios such as forensic investigations, airport security, access control, and banking.

However, although biometrics are trusted for accurate authentication mechanisms, advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) can deceive biometric systems. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have displayed untold potential in cyber security. Likewise, biometrics and AI can be unified to establish a secure authentication mechanism.

Let us begin with understanding Artificial Intelligence, its integration into the Biometrics System, and how Sunartek’s advanced Face Recognition System and Voice Biometrics System can prove to be beneficial.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence refers to the replication of human intelligence in machines that are encoded to think like humans and imitate their actions. In simple words, it can be associated with any machine that displays traits linked with a human mind like learning & problem-solving.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Transform Biometric Authentication System?

Artificial intelligence has become a fundamental aspect of our lives and demonstrates intelligence by machines. When implemented with bio authentication information, it can deliver a genuine authentication solution making it challenging to be deceived by cyber criminals. Artificial Intelligence and biometric ID validation can operate simultaneously in the following ways:

a) AI-Powered Facial Recognition:

Facial recognition is often assumed to be easily tricked with the support of a video or an image of the owner. For instance, there are cases in which facial recognition systems can be deceived by the face of an owner’s relative. Such incidents occur due to inaccuracies in 2D facial recognition. Law enforcement agencies are looking for better enhancements in biometric authentication as it fails at times as criminal’s faces may not be fully visible in public places.

This is where Artificial Intelligence comes into play. Artificial Intelligence uses 3D biometrics for successful face detection of a person and learns from millions of images. Artificial Intelligence can analyze the picture difference between old and younger images. So, this validates the fact that with Artificial Intelligence and biometrics together more authentic model for face recognition can be created.

b) AI-Powered Voice Recognition:

Voice and speech recognition can be utilized for several tasks like answering enquiries, ordering merchandises or playing music via smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. But this method fails in noisy backgrounds or cannot recognize the voice of the user. Whereas Artificial Intelligence can train such biometric systems using millions of voice samples of different users. Voice patterns can be examined such as pitch, tone, speed and accent. Artificial Intelligence can evaluate a person’s unique biometric voice signature. This makes this process fast and accurate. AI-based voice recognition can be utilized in the workplace for verification and attendance purposes.

Facial Recognition System from Sunartek

Sunartek’s Facial Recognition System involves usage of biometric software function which is capable of uniquely identifying or verifying an individual by comparing and evaluating patterns based on the individual’s facial contours. The system utilizes diverse parameters to provide in-depth outcomes. It identifies gender, age, obstructions, emotions and more. Sunartek has designed and created the quickest and the most accurate Facial Recognition Systems that run cost-effectively on smartphones, body-worn & IP cameras devices, focusing on two major points: Security and Customer Data Enrichment.

Beneficial advantages:

• Reduces crime-rates in State, City or Organizations and enhances public safety.
• Spots the details of the potential targets and prevent any violence.
• Aids in the search for missing individuals • Assures protection for critical vicinities like Airports, Railway stations, Malls or Transportation etc.
• Ability to identify the person & register flights without presenting any documents.
• Security for jam-packed events and public gatherings
• Instant identification of a person along with mobile app alerts
• Aids in the prevention of shoplifting, fraudulent customers, employees in retail stores and financial companies.

Vocal Profile Analysis (VPA) from Sunartek

Sunartek’s (VPA) Vocal Profile Analysis based on speech analytics system is primarily intended to be used by law enforcement, public safety, investigation and forensic experts. The system uses Voice Biometrics Technology to instantly search and accurately identify language, speakers and keywords within large amounts of audio recordings making it ideal for intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Key Advantages & Beneficial Features:

• Speaker Identification in signal through analysis from a known database of speaker voice samples.
• Keyword spotting
• Gender detection
• Emotion detection capability
• Age detection
• Constructed on a client-server mode/architecture use of standard hardware.
• Multi-parallel processing supported
• Multiple language recognition from a known database of languages.
• Speech Detection Module

In conclusion, biometric authentication is fostering a change in many business sectors and is being adopted widely over old methods of authentication. Hence, biometric technology along with Artificial Intelligence is paving ways in identity verification procedures and mitigating security risks. Hence, businesses like financial institutes, education sector, healthcare can utilize Sunartek’s AI-based biometrics for their workplaces and customers to offer user-friendly and secure authentication protocols.

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