Big Data Analysis

Understanding the importance of conducting effective research and development activities on big data technologies, we at Sunartek know how to cope with unstructured big data as well as the relational databases.

It’s crucial to be able to mine the existing databases of various monitoring systems of government and law enforcement agencies and analyze large amounts of text, unstructured data and transaction data. Sunartek’s Intelligent Information Analysis System has been built for this purpose and fulfils these requirements efficiently.

The solution comprises of extracts, semantically analyses, unstructured data and text from a multitude of sources, including internet news, websites, social networking sites, which have been monitored in various monitoring platforms and existing databases, in a fast, accurate and seamless manner.

To link an association with events to generate a location-based information with a chronological sequence, it particularly targets personal information elements like physical address, telephone number, mobile numbers, satellite, phone numbers, e-mail IDs, social network IDs, bank transactions, etc. All of which can be collated from various mirroring platform databases can be analyzed both in real-time and space.

Moreover, the user can hunt for a specific individual, organization, event or incident with a locational context. Also, apart from providing the ability to create a User Defend Operations Picture with greater flexibility, the user can add search parameters for a customized analysis as well.

Essential Features

• An intelligent decision support and operations management platform built around a network -centric geospatial platform.
• Delivers visualization platform with advanced analytics
• Multi-lingual capability in English and Arabic.
• Anility to be linked to existing databases of various monitoring platforms.
• Provides custom-built reporting formats based on the customer’s requirement
• Geospatial analysis of information with location as an important parameter for emerging trends/patterns.
• Capable of mining and analyzing large amount of text, unstructured and transactional data.

Powered by high-performance analytic systems, seek to gain advanced analytics with elements such as predictive models, statistical algorithms & more to make informed business decisions with Sunartek.