Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing is an advancing technology that assists digital systems in understanding, articulating, and manipulating human language. Natural Language Processing Tools aids computers to analyze the human language and detect the keywords, sentiments present in the human language for investigation purposes.

Features of Natural Language Processing

Keyword Detection

Sentiment Analysis

Quick Results


Keyword Detection

Natural Language Processing tools detect the occurrence of specific keywords present in human language. These keywords can be used to understand important terms of interest in the investigation.

Sentiment Analysis

Natural Language Processing tools can analyze the sentiment of the suspect such as confusion, anger, suspicion, etc. by monitoring conversations. 

Quick Results

NLP Tools interpret the human language to achieve maximum information in minimum time.

Processing of Natural Language by NLP Tools

It involves 2 steps –  Syntactic analysis and Semantic analysis.
Syntactic Analysis – Evaluates how the natural language allies with the grammatical rules, via various techniques such as Lemmatization, Word segmentation, Parsing, Sentence breaking, and Stemming.

Semantic Analysis – Applies computer algorithms to apprehend the meaning and identification of how words and sentences are constructed with techniques like Natural Language Generation, Word Sense Disambiguation, and Named Entity Recognition (NER).

Applications of Natural Language Processing Tools

NLP tool can help corporates, banks, institutions, defense and government security organizations to identify accurate information from an infinite pool of data.

Importance of Natural Language Processing Tools

These tools can help machines to extract useful information from human conversations with little to no human interaction.

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