Secure your Communication with Salus

Salus is a custom built high-end secure platform designed to protect users from communication interception, IMSI catchers, trojans, phishing and malware attacks. The system uses strong encryption, a hardened operating system and state-of-the-art scanning and blocking techniques for protection. The system has been designed keeping in mind security concerns faced by enterprises, government agencies, high net worth individuals etc.

Military-grade Security​

Protection from Spyware, Malware,
Trojans, Ransomware & Phishing

Protection from IMSI / Wi-Fi Catcher

Custom OS

Highly Secure & Encrypted Data Storage

Emergency Destruction

Military-grade Security

Salus provides security and privacy by encrypting voice-over IP calls using ZRTP and ephemeral Diffie-Hellman with hash commitment. The encryption is based on AES 256 and key generation is done using RSA 2048. The three-tier security arrangement prevents eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Protection from Spyware, Malware, Trojans, Ransomware and Phishing 

Salus platform consists of a fully integrated anti-spyware / anti-malware / anti- trojans/ anti-phishing solution. The system ensures that the device remains safe from known and unknown cyber-attacks by providing immediate defense and threats elimination.

Protection from IMSI / Wi-Fi Catcher

Salus detects behavior-based anomalies caused by IMSI / Wi-Fi catchers across connecting networks. As soon as the system detects such anomaly, the user is warned, and the communication is protected.

Custom OS

Salus runs on a customized security-rich operating system. The Android-like customized OS is built from scratch to provide in-depth protection against cyber-attacks by blocking the security breaches found in commercial Android or iOS operating systems.

Highly Secure and Encrypted Data Storage

Salus ensures that device owners have complete privacy: a proprietary push notification mechanism assures that no communications data can be stored by a third party. The contents of the device including stored files, contact lists, etc are stored on the device using full-disk encryption. The device is only accessible to users who enter the password/PIN. The Encryption key is known only to the device owner.

Emergency Destruction

Salus devices can be commanded to perform self-destruct through the centralized management console for data wipe-out in case of a compromise or lost and stolen device scenarios.

Deployment Options

Salus platform can be provided as a hosted solution to reduce operating costs or as an on-premises deployment. The on-premises deployment ensures complete control of the platform by the customer.

Compatibility with Multiple Networks

Salus devices can operate using IP networks from 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G cell phone service and private or public Wi-Fi networks.

Hardware and Software Integrity Validation

Salus secure build provides a trusted environment by a secure boot process, integrity validation, and detection. Additional protection guarantees the integrity of the OS on every boot. On every boot, a unique device fingerprint is validated against a server-side copy ensuring OS authenticity.

User Groups and Policies

Salus centralized management console goes beyond assets and policies management functions. The application ensures the safe use of devices via configurable security profiles. Group-based policies and restrictions define the use of device features, applications, web browsing, and access to network, data, and device resources. Central policies set the device functions that can be accessed by an application and provide the ability to block or spoof requests.