Face Authentication for Remote Banking Services

Biometric authentication has constantly been witnessed to reshape mobile banking. Customers around the world love the simplicity factor when using fingerprints or facial biometrics for mobile app access.

Moreover, considering that several banks are now elevating their mobile authentication strategy & are exploring into facial biometrics to substitute the PIN/passwords, we at Sunartek are all ready to launch our new beneficial product – Face Authentication for Remote Banking Services, i.e. our FARBS System.

Let us begin by understanding the significance of Facial Recognition for Banks!

The importance of Facial Recognition for Banks

Over the last decade, we have seen an increase in the use of technology in many business sectors to simplify and better-engage customers. This is especially true in the banking & finance divisions. Since the initiation of the digital revolution, facial recognition has been attaining prominence over touch & type-based communications due to the feasibility it offers without negotiating on the security of transactions.

Integrating biometric facial recognition with banking software presents a robust and secure alternative to password-based authentication systems. Traditional methods like using passwords come with a rather serious limitation. People create passwords based on what they know. So, it is easy for a hacker to employ several tactics to crack the password. Another major flaw is that people can have too many passwords, for example, social media accounts, emails, and e-wallets as well.

Also, generating a complex password can make it convenient to forget and when a banking customer demands for a provisional code through email to reset it, then a hacker can capture the inbox.

Utilizing facial recognition indicates that the banking customer has only one face which can permit them retrieval/access to all their bank accounts.

In cybercrime, a hacker can infiltrate a person’s social media profile and learn key information which can enable them to answer security questions such as ‘what was the name of your first pet?’

Hence, the biometric software only authenticates a customer based on who they are. A hacker can only operate to access a bank account based on what they know about the customer. Basically, this makes it easier for a banking customer to transact online on a mobile device by using a device that has authorized access and secondly by using a LIVE facial image of themselves through the camera of the phone.

Advanced Features of Sunartek’s Facial Recognition Software

1. Liveness Detection: It prevents hackers from using a picture of the customer for impersonation purposes.

   1.1) It also applies to other biometric modalities such as fingerprints where the Liveness Detection accurately assesses the ‘Liveness’ of the facial image to guarantee             that it is a LIVE image and not a (still) picture or a spoof as it is known.

2. Convenient & secure access: The recognition system also allows customers to access their bank accounts from computers and mobile phones.

   2.1) It is possible via the webcams on the mobile phones which are built-in, particularly within laptops or cameras. While logging into the account, facial biometrics is             indeed an additional layer of security.

Why Sunartek’s Face Authentication for Remote Banking Services?

Sunartek’s FARBS system is an ‘API-based solution’ that can be integrated with a banking application either on a mobile phone or a mobile banking web server. The API is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux platforms.

The application allows automatic verification of customers to ensure the security of your services and reduces the risk of fraud. The algorithm is protected from being hacked by Sunartek’s Proprietary Face Liveness Detection Technology.

The API captures live pictures of the user utilizing the in-built cameras on the mobile phone, laptop or web camera. The captured LIVE image is thereby transmitted to the authentication server by using a secure internet connection. The authentication server checks this image against pictures of the user that was submitted when the account was opened. Hence, if a positive match is found, the authentication is successful. While in case of a negative match, the session is terminated.

Precisely, conventional facial recognition algorithms on mobile phones, stores customers’ facial profile on the phone itself. Malicious users can bypass the mobile’s security and get access to the banking application. Sunartek’s Facial Recognition System works by comparing LIVE image of the customer with the images in bank’s records in real time. Even if the security of the mobile is compromised, unless the customer is present in front of the camera, the authentication server at the bank will not allow access.

Beneficial features of the FARBS System:

Hackers will not have access to the customer’s account, even if they bypass mobile security.

More secure than conventional mobile phone-based facial recognition as profiles are stored on the bank’s server.

Platform Independent: The API-based solution makes it easy to integrate

Works in all conditions: Low lighting, day/night contrasts & more

Works effectively even when the user is wearing any cap, spectacles etc.

Verification time: Less than 3-seconds

Dual-layer Liveness Detection: Ability to detect the first layer i.e. front-end from a mobile application (platform-dependent) &
                the second layer i.e.back-end from server verification.

Works with normal internet bandwidths for any requirement regarding online banking transactions.

Working of the application

Step 1: Application Interface

Step 2:Login Page

Step 3: Once the login is successful, the camera starts loading

Step 4: Face Verification

Step 5: Home Page

In a nutshell, we at Sunartek are well-equipped with expert resources & advanced technology to identify cyber threats and prevent any breach via our customized products that protect the security network of your organization. With an array of intelligent technologies such as Facial Recognition Systems, OSINT & Cyber Defence Technologies, we up the war against cybercrime.