Speech Recognition

Today, when we generally give a call to most large organizations, an individual doesn’t usually answer the phone. Instead, a programmed voice (i.e. Automated) records answers and directs you to press buttons to go through option menus provided. Several companies have moved beyond needing you to push buttons, though. These days, you can simply speak certain words (again, as commanded by a recording) to get what you require. The system that makes this viable is a kind of Speech Recognition program.

What is Speech Recognition?

A speech Recognition System is a software’s capability to understand spoken human language, speaker, etc. Today’s tools can understand complex sentences and the jargon of various industries. Uses range from dictating notes to an app where notes are saved in text format to handling larger tasks like booking a car or ordering your groceries. Simply put, Speech Recognition Biometrics involves a computer program that’s trained to take the input of human speech, interpret it, and transcribe it into text.

How does Speech Recognition Biometrics work?

The speech recognition system works by combining statistical modeling systems. It splits down the audio of a speech recording into specific separate sounds, evaluating each sound, utilizing algorithms to explore the most credible word fit in that language, and transliterating those sounds into writing. In the early-built Speech Recognition systems, if the words communicated matched a specific set of rules, the program could identify what the words were.
It’s important to note that the human language is full of nuances. Accents, dialects, and mannerisms can vastly change the way certain words or phrases are spoken or meant. Today’s Speech Recognition Biometrics involves many mathematical calculations to come up with the most accurate understanding of how a word is pronounced, or where one word ends, and another begins. It looks at how different words are combined and much more, across more than 200 trillion possibilities. The more the software is educated or trained, the smarter and more precise it gets.

Sunartek’s Vocal Profile Analysis (VPA)

Be it the analysis of massive amounts of audio recordings for investigation purposes or just a few audio tracks for forensic experts, the Vocal Profile Analysis from Sunartek can handle almost any speech-processing challenge. This platform-based on speech analytics system is primarily intended to be used by law enforcement, public safety, investigation, and forensic experts. The system uses Conversational Biometrics Technology to instantly search and accurately identify the language, speakers, and keywords within large amounts of audio recordings making it ideal for intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The user can add as many languages or speakers for identification into the system by educating or training Sunartek’s VPA using available voice samples. What’s more? VPA possesses the ability to evaluate audio files for speech/non-speech detections as well.

Valuable Advantages & Beneficial Features:

• Speaker Identification in signal through analysis from a known database of speaker voice samples.
• Keyword spotting
• Gender detection
• Emotion detection capability
• Age detection
• Constructed on a client-server model/architecture.
• Use of standard hardware.
• Multi-parallel processing supported
• Multiple language recognition from a known database of languages.
• Implementation of standard software to be able to participate in additional development.
• Scalability and compatible interfaces for the addition of classifiers.
• Communication via TCP/IP Features
• Speech Detection Module

Moreover, the VPA tool can be used as a standalone method of authentication or can be integrated with other interception solutions that include information an individual is aware of (for example, a password) or information in relation to the individual’s call (for instance, ANI verification or geo-location). This proficiency of Sunartek’s Conversational Speech Biometrics Technology helps to safeguard Law enforcement agencies, corporate offices, and other government institutes to fight crimes.

So, get ready to take advantage of real-time insights that complement your requirements in the most effective way possible, primarily via Sunartek’s valuable, reliable and compliant Conversational Biometrics Technology.