Voice Forensic System

These days, it becomes vital to record & interpret a voiceprint in terms of the frequencies and intensities of the sounds made by an individual while speaking, primarily for military intelligence and criminal investigation purposes. Every person’s voice is unique because the structure or composition of the vocal cords, vocal cavity, oral and nasal openings are specific to each.

What is Voice Forensic System?

Voice Forensic System is the science of evaluating, filtering, and validating audio recordings for the objective of a hearing or trial. In addition, to investigate more on the above-mentioned, one needs to obtain an effective and efficient voice biometrics program. An approach which evaluates audio evidence precisely by applying voice biometrics technology in a way that makes it convenient to work with the obtained audio evidence. This would further help forensics experts as well as security-based companies to finalize voice treatment and speaker identification practices accurately.

How can investigation agencies benefit from Voice Forensic System?

Audio forensics tools utilize voice biometrics technology to examine voice and help forensics experts towards their crime prevention and investigation efforts.
By utilizing these tools, forensics experts would be able to:
• Ascertain whether a voice belongs to a specific individual
• Run a trial to check if a recording has been edited or altered
• Make a comparison of a target speaker with a database of potential candidates
• Precisely match a person’s identity with the audio evidence content
• Verify a person’s identity with an audio recording

Significance of Vocal Profile Analysis (VPA) from Sunartek

Sunartek’s (VPA) Vocal Profile Analysis based on speech analytics system is primarily intended to be used by law enforcement, public safety, investigation and forensic experts. Whether it is the analysis of massive amounts of audio recordings for investigation purposes or just a few audio tracks for forensic experts, the platform can handle almost any speech-processing challenge. The Voice Forensic System uses Voice Biometrics Technology to instantly search and accurately identify language, speakers and keywords within large amounts of audio recordings making it ideal for intelligence and law enforcement agencies. What’s more? VPA possesses the ability to evaluate audio files for speech/non-speech detections as well.

Key Advantages & Beneficial Features

• Speaker Identification in signal through analysis from a known database of speaker voice samples.
• Keyword spotting
• Gender detection
• Emotion detection capability
• Age detection
• Constructed on a client-server mode/architecture.
• Use of standard hardware.
• Multi-parallel processing supported
• Multiple language recognition from a known database of languages.
• Implementation of standard software to be able to participate in additional development.
• Scalability and compatible interfaces for the addition of classifiers.
• Communication via TCP/IP


• Speech Detection Module, The bottom line is that going-forward, voice identification will remain to be an essential part of the litigation procedure whenever audio evidence is involved. The more experienced the expert, the more reliable the expert’s report.

This proficiency of Sunartek’s Voice Biometrics Technology helps to safeguard Law enforcement agencies, corporate offices, and other government institutes to fight crimes. Also, the VPA tool can be used as a standalone method of authentication or can be integrated with other interception solutions that include information an individual is aware of (for example, a password) or information about the individual’s call (for instance, ANI verification or geo-location).

So, take advantage of Sunartek’s valuable, reliable and compliant Voice Biometrics Technology and gain real-time analysis from Voice Forensic System along with insights that complement your requirements.