Our research and development team conducts innovative research in the field of cyber security.


Our well-informed faculty provide practical training on cryptanalysis, cyber security, and warfare.


Our adept team of technicians not only provides great services but also imparts relentless support.

OSINT(Open Source Intelligence)

Open Source Intelligence, as the name hints, provides you an open platform for seeking information about an individual or any subject of interest. These open sources include social networking sites, forums, blogs, videos and news sites.

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Facial Recognition System

Facial Recognition system at Sunartek, not only capitalizes on a person’s facial dimensions but also alerts when the faces don’t match. Taking one’s image as an input for a centralized server.

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Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometrics, designed to perfection, is an effective speech technology that uses specific voice as an input to identify fake inputs and detect fraud. Our system is trained to learn different languages and reflect accuracy in its functionality.

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Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a technology that simplifies the natural human language for computers, making it easy for the system to comprehend the context and reflect relevant search results.

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Each of us are associated with at least one internet resource through which we enter our data online; sharing a lot of information on the digital portals. All this information is vulnerable to data breach. Hence it is important to protect these confidential details through cyber security

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Cell Phone Interception
Satellite Phone Interception
Satellite Interception System
Radio Monitoring System
Special Products

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