Understanding ciphertext, cipher and cryptosystem

Modern cryptography is fundamental to the digital world we live in and has extended to be quite complex, lately. It is utilized for sending messages on the internet in a secure manner, such as any credit card information and other private data. Encryption is used to retain our data securely, both online and locally. To maintain security and efficiency, The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is usually used by government agencies to sustain the secrecy of their documents.

Let’s proceed towards understanding what Ciphertext, Cipher, and Cryptosystem mean and how Sunartek’s Cryptanalysis System, data encryption, and key cryptographic management techniques like Password Breaking guarantee advantageous solutions with top-level flexibility for security & governmental use.

Let’s know the terminologies & it’s usage!

a) Ciphertext: A message is referred to as ‘plaintext’. The process of concealing a message in such a way that it hides the substance is encryption. An encrypted message is recognized as ciphertext. One of the most significant tasks of Network Security is to protect important private data from eavesdroppers. Therefore, by using ciphertext and an encryption key it is impractical for an eavesdropper to read it, as the actual data is completely scrambled.
b) Cipher: A cipher is an algorithm for executing the encryption or decryption process.
c) Cryptosystem: A cryptosystem also referred to as a cipher system is an application of cryptographic techniques and its accompanying substructure to provide information-based security services. The different components of a basic cryptosystem are displayed below:
• Plaintext
• Encryption Algorithm
• Ciphertext
• Decryption Algorithm
• Encryption Key
• Decryption Key

Moreover, while cryptography is related to the science of securing data, Cryptanalysis is known as the art of investigating & breaking secure communication. Basically, Cryptanalysis is an examination of the above-mentioned terminologies, namely ciphertext, ciphers, and cryptosystems to learn and recognize how they work, along with identifying & improving techniques to conquer or abate them.
With the prime aim of obtaining the plain message from the intercepted ciphertext, Cryptanalysis is utilized to overpower cryptographic security systems and get access to the substance of encrypted messages, even if the cryptographic key is not known.

Sunartek’s Cryptanalysis System: Gateway to exclusive solutions

For the past 16 years, Sunartek has been progressively evolving and implementing crypto algorithms, customized as per different customer requirements. Over the many years, we have worked with diverse Government and Intelligence agencies, globally, in the domain of Signal Analysis, Communication Intelligence, and Processing.
With unparalleled experience and knowledge, Sunartek has effectively broken crypto algorithms utilized in communication networks such as GSM, Iridium, INMARSAT, Thuraya, etc. Distinct Algorithms like DES (Data Encryption Standard) have been broken by Sunartek as well. These developments have been transformed into successful products and are being effectively utilized by various Government and Intelligence agencies worldwide.

Benefits to be gained via Sunartek’s Cryptanalysis System

• Advantage of global Cryptanalysis resources through strong tie-ups.
• Access to high-speed computing performance and software design.
• A committed team of in-house experts working on cryptography.

Apart from the above benefits, Sunartek is already developing simulations and crypto verification programs along with creating a special Cryptanalysis Lab for implementing decryption and renewal of recorded encrypted Streams, offline analysis, and more.
What’s more? We at Sunartek also provide professional customized training for Cryptanalysis & offer support throughout the program by giving insights on dealing with the breaking of ciphers and cryptosystems. It can be accomplished in diverse ways such as chosen plain text, brute force, and man in the middle attack.

Password Breaking

It’s the process of regaining passwords from data that have been collected or transmitted through a computer system. By having proficient know-how in both these fields, Sunartek’s Password and Encryption breaking techniques use Graphical Processing Units (GPU’s) as a better alternative to Central Processing Units (CPU’s).
Sunartek’s Distributed Password Recovery system permits to use of more than one computer (GPU) to allocate simultaneous attacks.

What Sunartek offers for Password Breaking!
• Brute Force/ Dictionary Attack • Creation of Special Tools
• High-performance Computing Platform
• Ready-made tools for existing systems

Overall, without good cryptographic security of the data communications, it might be almost convenient for any contender to intercept the messages, especially those conveyed via a modem or email system. Hence, opting for Sunartek would be valuable as we respect every task at hand and maintain utmost discretion in encrypting any data. We have an extremely skilled team of data scientists and other professionals who are trained with the right knowledge and intelligence to execute Cryptanalysis impeccably.