Secure Smartphone for Messaging

Messaging is one of the most common methods of communication between people. A lot of personal, professional, and confidential messages are communicated using smartphones. Top professionals, military officers, defense officers use smartphones for sending messages. But are these messages secured?

It is extremely likely that the messages sent using smartphones may be subjected to cyber-attacks. There are also possibilities that the messages may be intercepted, and the intercepted message may then be modified and sent to the receiver. The consequences of these are unimaginable, right?

Then how to ensure secure text messaging? The messages can be secured using “secure smartphones”. These secure smartphones are encrypted and cannot be attacked by intruders. Hence, a secure smartphone protects the message and secures the communication.


Most secure smartphone for messaging

The most secure smartphone for messaging is Salus developed by Sunartek labs.

Salus secure smartphone allows users to send and receive messages with complete security. This secure smartphone encrypts the messages while in the air.

Salus secure smartphones are the “most secure smartphones in the world” because the operating system of the Salus smartphone is customized by considering security as the key feature. The messages in Salus secure smartphones are end to end encrypted using AES 256 and key generation is done using RSA 2048, key exchange using Diffie Hellman 2048 bit key. The messages stored in the device are also encrypted and can be accessed only by the admin, using a password. Remote wipe feature available in the Salus secure smartphone enables admin to wipe the data on the device, in case the device is lost, ensuring the data is safeguarded.


Other features of the Secure Smartphone

Other than secure messaging, the secure smartphone also has other key features such as,

  1. Salus secure smartphone consists of a fully integrated anti-spyware, anti-malware, anti-trojans, anti-phishing solution.
  2. Remote Wipe of data from admin in case the device is lost or stolen.
  3. Encrypted VoIP calls. Calls are also encrypted using AES 256 and key generation is done using RSA 2048, key exchange using Diffie Hellman 2048 bit key.
  4. The data on the devices such as files, contact lists are fully encrypted using the full disk encryption method.
  5. Salus secure smartphones also have the ability to detect IMSI / Wi-Fi catchers in the network.
  6. Secure apps are inbuilt in the secure smartphone, such as apps for mails, file sharing, etc.
  7. Secure Smartphones can also detect anomalies in Wi-Fi and cell tower connectivity.

Salus secure smartphones models:

Salus Smartphone Lite
Salus Smartphone Advanced

You can now buy the Salus Smartphone from here and send your inquiries to

Overview of Salus secure smartphone

  1. Secure text messaging
  2. Secure voice calls
  3. Anti-spyware, anti-malware, anti-trojans, anti-phishing solution
  4. Remote data wipe
  5. Secure apps
  6. Detect anomalies in network

In this digital era securing data is very important. Hence the demand for secure smartphones is also increasing. Why not buy a “secure smartphone” today?