Secure Communication Devices

Are you looking for secure communication devices for your organization?

In today’s world where the data is easily vulnerable to interception, you can secure your communication by using a high-end secure communication device, Salus.

Salus is a high-end platform developed by Sunartek Labs, that provides military-grade security by encrypting the calls using encrypting algorithms. These secure communication devices are also highly protected from spyware, malware, trojans, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

The operating system of Salus devices is custom built and these devices can operate on 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. The secure communication device has a property of ‘data wipe’ embedded in it, which clears the phone data in case the phone is lost or stolen. 

The data on the Salus secure devices are protected using ‘full-disk encryption’. Therefore, the files, contacts, etc. are completely secure.  

Salus secure devices can detect IMSI catchers present in the network as well.

All the above features make Salus the ‘most secure communication device’.

Salus communication devices are launched in 2 versions to provide a platform for secure communication.

  1. Salus Lite
  2. Salus Advanced

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