Investigation using OSINT

First, let’s begin by learning about open Source Intelligence.

What is OSINT?

Open-source intelligence (OSNIT) can be comprehended as material acquired from scrutinizing public data resources such as television and radio transistors, social-media platforms and other sites. These sources present information in text, video, image, and audio formats. This examination is centralized around “machine learning” and “deep neural network algorithms”, permitting the system to absorb data to obtain and enhance recognitions of design, tendencies, and connection.

How OSINT helps in finding criminal activities?

OSINT applications are essentially consumed by law enforcement agencies (LEA) and civic organizations to augment their tasks against delinquency and to maintain the safety of its citizens. Following are a few examples wherein it could be utilized to aid the battle against criminality.
   –   Online Misconduct: Excessive usage of the web and propagation of websites offering imitation merchandise for sale, has led to complicated anti-forging activities and processes. Text mining and OSINT applications can extricate the crucial essentials contained within the vendor alias, e-mail, mobile contacts, brand name, merchandise, etc. This information is then equated to recognize the distinctive signs of a forged product and to elaborate on the association between the given data.
   –   Helplines for violence: The data extracted from OSINT can serve many purposes; from a strategic perspective to recognizing emergencies and categorizing new trends and incidents that may help to outline effective support policies. This works for entities that are aiming to protect residents, specifically women and children from any kind of crime. Hence via social media channels, it could establish itself as an imperative source of data to prevent and observe circumstances before they worsen.

OSINT via Sunartek: Benefits

Sunartek’s Social Media Monitoring Solution derives with the supremacy of extensive-range skimming of codes, profiles, and keywords on social media channels, Content Storage Stages such as blogs, emails, and boards within minutes and offers immediate results that enable timesaving to users. The system may gather Open-source intelligence (OSINT) from publicly accessible sources such as YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Instagram, etc. Deep Web-int crawlers or chrome expansion are utilized to mechanize the Data collection procedures.

Scanning: The structure is able to skim through a large number of data within a few minutes while providing the operative a complete picture of all the tasks and social media tabs of the recipient.

Query/Search: Sunartek’s solution can take any shape of input recognizer, which could be either a telephone number or an email address to receive complete data attached with it. The solution consists of various inquiry/search options on the basis of the phone number, email-id, keyword phrases, group designations, etc.

Geo-fencing or Site-Based Search: Our technology permits the worker to undertake Area Searching to obtain all tasks performed or current activities in that geographical site.

Result Visualization: Sunartek’s Graphic-Visualizers delivers authority to users to obtain all examined consequences into diagrammatic designs and relation format to devote minimal time in examining the relationship between aims and tasks.

Darknet & Deep web: It’s valuable usage

The ‘dark net’ which is also named the ‘dark web’ is a branch of the greater ‘deep web’, a network of confidential websites that exist on an encoded network. The collection & supervising of information from Darknet sources fabricate distinct challenges for intelligence professionals & need specialized techniques and techniques.

Overall, Sunartek’s Darknet intelligence component facilitates intelligence professionals to stay “undiscoverable” by Darknet goals and to expose hidden information published by various anonymous users on millions of obscured sites.

This segment is a comprehensive suite of target-oriented applications for the purpose of capturing, collecting, and analyzing the data & web content from DARK WEB Sources. It is a platform that’s cloud-based & enables Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and other intelligence organizations to discover and evaluate an extensive range of targets, alleviate threats to public safety & protect urban areas & critical resources. Information including shop account details, RSA hash, nicknames, addresses, images, document files, and more are collected and processed by this system.