Looking deeper into the shadowy world of Deep Web and Dark web

In this age of emerging technology, we largely rely on the Internet. We trust a website when it states our information is safe from prowlers and that when our information is private when posted, it is only us who can view it. However, once the information is sent, published, or clicked, it becomes public.
Web crawlers, also known as spiders or bots crawl across the World Wide Web to index pages for search engines. Hence, hackers can thereby easily crawl into these ‘so-called’ private portals & extract information.

The massive Internet consists of three layers. The first layer is public, comprising of sites that are used quite often such as Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. The second & third layers are the ‘Deep Web’ & the ‘Dark Net’.

Getting in Deeper!

Deep Web: It refers to any website that cannot be readily retrieved through any conventional search engine, for example, Google or Yahoo!

Dark Net: It’s the network that is hidden on purpose and created for anonymity, accessible only through certain special tools or software.

Dangers of the Dark Net

Being the primary location for advertising as well as for purchasing and selling of robbed and hacked data, Darknet draws criminal aspects, combined with payment made by cryptocurrencies. The experts say it’s next to impossible to obtain a real count, but the estimate of the ‘Hidden’ web that search engines often don’t see, both darknet and deep web, is several times larger than the visible surface web.
Now that we know how tangled the darknet and deep web are, along with knowing the threats that Dark Net imposes, let’s see how your organization can gain the advantage from the advanced security solutions via Sunartek’s Darknet Intelligence platform.

The Vision Platform from Sunartek!

Sunartek’s Vision platform provides the users with the allowance to search the world’s largest database of darknet content effortlessly with simplicity. To begin with, Sunartek’s professional darknet experts executed a review and classification of I2P sites along with 58,760 Tor in our database during the time of analysis. Using the platform, darknet index scores can as well be known for the companies who are more noticeable & conspicuous to be targeted by the hackers. With Sunartek, get unparalleled access to Darknet networks data feed offering real-time intelligence gathering and information related to data breaches, credential leaks, and more.

Why go for Sunartek’s Vision platform?

The Differentiation Factor: The platform automatically and constantly crawls the internet and darknet, extricating and indexing millions of pages on a day-to-day basis to generate the leading & largest searchable database collection of darknet content.

a) Discover unparalleled darknet content

• Sunartek Vision incessantly gathers, archives,  ranks, and indexes DARKNET 24/7 & 365 days.
• Conventional offerings depend mainly on manpower and have restricted archival and storage capabilities.

b) Unique archival Proficiency

• Darknet’s compromised data is regularly uploaded and removed within a few days.
• Through Sunartek’s database, organizations gain the ability to look at the past data posted.
• In terms of search, competitors can only hunt as of a specific date while Sunartek can look back up to 60 days or further up to a year.

In a nutshell, as most of the businesses have data and information that needs to be secluded & protected from cyber-criminals, Darknet Intelligence proves to be the need of the era. Darknet Intelligence from Sunartek can partner with you in augmenting IT risk management & providing top-level security to your business. Enjoy a comprehensive security solution portfolio for the darknet as our platform discovers, evaluates, and reports stolen or misused data, based on our exclusive technology.