How to use OSINT framework?

The OSINT framework can be used to extract data by analyzing various public platforms. These platforms include news, image, social media platforms, etc. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) framework is a boon to the digital world as it assists one in crystallizing the large chunk of data online and mining information that’s more relevant and valuable. OSINT tools simplify life with their segregation phenomenon. OSINT frameworks are employed across various industries for optimum results.

What are the various techniques and resources associated with OSINT on how it can be effectively used?
Consider a use case, wherein you have the phone number or email address of the suspect. Sunartek’s OSINT framework takes in the phone number or the email address as an input identifier and then collects information about the suspect from the widest range of social networks and web applications. OSINT Tools also perform link analysis by identifying the social connections of the suspect. This tool can also analyze the sentiment of the suspect. Not only this, it can also extract information about the person from the deep web and dark web as well.

Overview of the information that can be gathered from the OSINT framework:
● Gather person’s full names, job roles, phone numbers, photos, etc.
● Various data from search engine information from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.
● Data from personal and corporate blogs, as well as evaluating user activity on digital forums.
● Identify various social networks used by the person.
● Evaluate content available on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Linkedin, or Twitter.
● Accessing old cached data from Google.
● Recognize mail addresses, mobile phone numbers from social media networks, or Google results.
● Look for photographs & videos on common social photo-sharing sites, like Shutterstock, Google Photos, & more.
● Utilize Google Maps and other open satellite imagery sources to retrieve images of users’ geographic location.

Using the apt OSINT tools makes the investigation effective. Hence, these tools are highly recommended for government & military agencies. Get to know more about Open Source Intelligence Tools/Framework. Request for Demo or send your inquiries at

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