How Face Recognition Evolved Using Artificial Intelligence?

Face-related technologies can be advantageous for people and society. That is why it is vital that these technologies are developed cautiously and responsibly. As witnessed today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Face Recognition Technology has valuably facilitated our daily lives and substituted old technology with various additional benefits such as improved security, process-automation, speed and accuracy, and non-intrusiveness using real-time video captures.
Let us begin with understanding AI, its integration into Facial recognition, and how Sunartek’s advanced Face Recognition System can prove to be beneficial.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the replication of human intelligence in machines that are encoded to think like humans and imitate their actions. Basically, it can be associated with any machine that displays traits linked with a human mind like learning & problem-solving.

Understanding AI in Facial Recognition!

Over the last 30 years, AI has become one of the most innovative and divergent emerging technologies out there. For example, facial recognition algorithms can now help law enforcement officials in researches and inquiries as well as enable police departments to scan substantial amounts of footage in an attempt to identify an individual of interest.
Face recognition has been well known but with the advanced technology that artificial intelligence brings in, it crafted a revolutionized facial recognition system. Ever thought about how the Instagram and Snapchat filters work flawlessly on your face? How does it precisely map the structure of your face? The advancement in technology has enabled us to embed AI to build a smart system to make this possible. From eyeglasses to makeup or even budding facial hair, it all works because Face ID automatically adjusts to the variations in one’s appearance.
Hence, when AI was rooted into facial recognition tools, an intelligent engine was produced which exposed us to the significance of visual content and the growth of visual data software. That is what traditional face recognition systems were deficient in. Indeed, Facial recognition has turned out to become faster and more accurate under all circumstances, from diverse angles.

Usage of Facial Recognition with AI:

• Real-time watchlist detection: Recognizing individuals on the spot.
• Safer cities: Via image capturing, evaluating it, and matching it.
• Tracking and comparing individual journeys • Examining real-time information against specific parameters

Facial Recognition System from Sunartek

Sunartek’s Facial Recognition System involves the usage of a biometric software function that is capable of uniquely identifying or verifying an individual by comparing and evaluating patterns based on the individual’s facial contours. The system utilizes diverse parameters to provide in-depth outcomes. It identifies gender, age, obstructions, emotions, and more.
Sunartek has designed and created the quickest and the most accurate Facial Recognition Systems that run cost-effectively on smartphones, body-worn & IP cameras devices, focusing on two major points: Security and Customer Data Enrichment.
The system ensures maximum security across corporate fields, banking sectors, governmental establishments, and the defense industry.

Beneficial advantages:

• Reduces crime rates in State, City, or Organizations and enhances public safety.
• Spots the details of the potential targets and prevents any violence.
• Aids in the search for missing individuals
• Assures protection for critical vicinities like Airports, Railway stations, Malls or Transportation, etc.
• Ability to identify the person & register flights without presenting any documents.
• Security for jam-packed events and public gatherings • Instant identification of a person along with mobile app alerts
• Aids in the prevention of shoplifting, fraudulent customers, employees in retail stores and financial companies
• Gain access to control specific areas of commercial & production facilities
• Generate and manage a unique multi-channel customer communication
• Access insightful customer experience & preferences analysis
• Enables personalized advice for the target audience
• Ability to track customer’s movement within the retail area

Providing great and effortless user experience, Sunartek’s, Face Recognition System is based on innovative, deep-learning technology, constructed to meet different user-identification needs of the organizations, from Police, Military forces, Law Enforcement Agencies to various mass transportation stations such as airports, metros, bus stations, etc.