How can FaceApp work in temperature measurement?

In the turmoil of the past few months to acquire resources for the battle against COVID-19, the demand for technologies that guarantee to detect ‘individuals with symptoms’ has been sky-high.

Thermal cameras are already being implemented as a means of detecting people with fever-like symptoms in high-traffic areas such as hospital entrances, shopping centers and office buildings, and potentially mass-attendance sporting events when they resume.

Hence, it is noted that the emergence of AI technology, and specifically face detection algorithms, will play an important role in the evolution of these solutions too. Algorithms can help complete more accurate temperature tests. Cameras can do this by locating specific areas of the face, such as the forehead or eyes, more accurately. This could be critical in the case of people wearing masks. Combining thermal cameras and facial detection/FaceApp can enable thermal body temperature solutions to integrate accurate temperature scanning with the best face location to take the measurement, improving the overall measurement accuracy.

Let’s take a look at the working of this beneficial dual technology!

How does the FaceApp with temperature measurement work?

The thermal radiation emitted by the human face is capable to be sensed by imaging sensors (i.e. thermal cameras) that are receptive in the thermal infrared (IR) band of the electro-magnetic (EM) spectrum. Variations in temperature based on the surface of the face create a heat pattern, also known as a thermogram, which can be envisioned as a 2D image (i.e. thermal image). Due to the existence of extremely unique and permanent physiological characteristics beneath the facial skin, thermograms comprise of important data which can be utilized for face recognition.

Thermal face recognition deals with the face recognition system/Face app that takes thermal face as an input. Basically, thermal human face images are generated due to the body heat pattern of the human being. Thermal Infra-Red (IR) imagery is autonomous of ambient lighting settings as the thermal IR sensors only seize the heat pattern emitted by the object. Different objects emit a different range of Infra-red energy according to their temperature and characteristics. The range of human face and body temperature are nearly the same and quite uniform, varying from 35.5°C to 37.5°C providing a consistent thermal signature. The thermal patterns of faces are obtained mainly from the pattern of hollow blood vessels beneath the skin. The vein and tissue composition of the face is distinct for each individual and, therefore, the IR images are also inimitable.

Hence, the ability to carry out facial recognition utilizing images from thermal cameras would augment this surveillance, for instance by automatically detecting when a person of interest is close and conveying an alert to operators. This technology allows matching betwixt thermal face images and existing biometric face databanks/watch lists that only comprise of visible face imagery.

Sunartek’s Facial Recognition & Temperature Measurement Solution

Sunartek presents its latest complete solution for screening with digital power.

This compact and portable set of Facial Recognition System with human body thermo-scanner offers various features to scan and be cautious.

Sunartek’s STKFRBTS Solution offers 2 versions.

STKFRBTS101 (FaceApp + Temperature measurement): Sunartek has incorporated new features to its existing Facial Recognition Technology to allow detection not only of a face but mask detection, body temperature measurement, real-time live detection, unique face recognition and much more.

STKFRBTS102 (FaceApp + Temperature measurement): To understand near range, contactless face recognition, and temperature detection, Sunartek integrates face recognition with infrared thermography which can substantially reduce the risk of contact infections and detect temperature anomalies in advance.

These products allow contactless, fast, accurate and easy detection of temperature under any scenarios. ​

Beneficial Advantages:

• Efficient: Automatic detection without any close physical contact
• Accuracy: Accurate temperature detection
• Alerts: High-temperature alert, mask alert
• Rapid Deployment: Easy installation and use
• AI Face Detection: Allows multiple face detection at once
• Data Collection: Centralized data collection enables effective tracking and Responses

The above portable products with Facial Recognition System/FaceApp from Sunartek can be effectively used in the following scenarios:

• Hospitals
• Public Areas
• Hotels
• Malls
• Offices
• Railways
• Airports

Overall, via Sunartek’s FaceApp i.e. these face recognition + infrared temperature measurement solutions can be used at distance, and through non-contact means among other benefits. This reduces the risk to manage access by detecting ID and temperature automatically. Hence, by improving the efficiency of work, it takes the pressure and risks away from assigned personnel for manual tracking and measurement.