Deployment of facial recognition system for criminal investigation by law enforcement agencies

Facial Recognition technology has been around for years. The innovative solution of facial recognition technology has accelerated the usage of this technology inevitably across several areas. One such field is the criminal investigation.

A Facial Recognition system for criminal investigation is built to identify the suspect from sources such as images or videos or camera visuals. This system reduces the time required for investigation.

For example, the Face Recognition System developed by Sunartek Labs.

The Face Recognition System of Sunartek Labs compares the images of the suspect with the database containing millions of images in less than a second.

How does the Facial Recognition System of Sunartek Labs work?

Step 1:
A picture of the suspect’s face is captured from a photo or video.
Image may be any profile, looking straight, sideways, wearing a cap, spectacles of facemask may be single or in a crowd, the system considers all profiles.

Step 2:
Facial recognition software reads the geometry of the target’s face such as the distance between the eyes and the distance from forehead to chin etc. and creates a facial signature.

Step 3:
The facial signature is compared to a database containing known faces using deep learning algorithms.

Step 4:
Finally, the suspect is identified, based on the match.

What are the Key Performance Indicator scores of the Facial Recognition System of Sunartek Labs?

Sunartek’s face recognition system can search the image in a database of 500 million images within 0.3sec with a Gender Recognition Accuracy of 97%, Age Recognition Accuracy of 95%, and probability of detecting a person in a video stream of 98%.
This system is best in class with high key performance indicator scores.

Can Facial Recognition System be integrated with any video monitoring system?

The facial recognition system can be easily integrated with external systems such as POS or any kind of video monitoring system installed in Airports, Railway stations. Malls etc.

How can a Facial Recognition System be used to fight crime?

A facial recognition system should in installed in Airports, malls, Metro stations, and other places with large crowds. The investigation agency should have a database of images. Whenever the suspect is detected in these places, the system sends alerts to the agency. Hence live face recognition system can be used to fight crime.

Case studies of Facial recognition system deployed for criminal investigation

  • The United States Department of State has the largest face recognition system that has 117 million images of Americans. This is used as an investigative tool by the FBI.
  • In China, the Qingdao police were able to identify 25 most wanted suspects using facial recognition.
  • The facial recognition system is also used by the police forces of the European Union.
  • Facial recognition systems have been deployed in the Netherlands since 2016. And many more.
As a result, facial recognition has helped law enforcement agencies to gather evidence to detect suspects more proactively.
Sunartek’s Face Recognition algorithm enables the detection of suspects in a jiffy and the system is scalable to support an infinite number of video streams and database entries.
The advanced developments in facial recognition systems such as detecting suspects even in different profiles such as straight, sideways, or faces hidden with masks or scarves have increased the deployment of the system by law enforcement agencies.
The facial recognition system has been providing accurate results in criminal investigations and saving the valuable time of the investigators.

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