Facial Recognition Algorithms developed for Defense Agencies

A facial recognition system is an advanced technology deployed by law enforcement agencies to conduct faster investigations. Face recognition is a non-contact method used for verifying and searching the identity of an individual.

Facial recognition also known as the Facial biometrics system is the most powerful surveillance tool that confirms the identity of an individual present in the photograph or video.

How does the Facial Recognition algorithm work?

The facial recognition algorithm uses the following process –

1. Detection

The algorithm focuses on finding the face of an individual in an image, video, or live camera footage.

2. Comparison

The facial recognition algorithm, analysis the distance between the eyes, the shape of the chin, or the distance between the nose and mouth and maps it with the database available with the law enforcement or defense agency.

3. Verification

Based on the results obtained, by comparison, the identity of the individual will be revealed by the face recognition algorithm.

Deploying a Facial recognition system simplifies the whole process of investigation. One of the most efficient, accurate, fastest algorithms has been developed at Sunartek. Sunartek’s facial recognition algorithm allows investigators to generate accurate results in a critical time.

Sunartek’s face recognition algorithm can examine faces with poor lighting, low resolution, off-angle poses, or inconsistent aspect ratios as well. Sunartek’s Facial recognition algorithms also determine the gender and age of the person as well.

Sunartek’s Facial Recognition System

These algorithms used for face recognition have high KPI scores.

The accuracy of gender detection is 97% and the accuracy of determining the age is 95%. These algorithms generate the same results even in low resolution or poor lightning images as well.

The algorithms also have the feature of unlimited scalability as it supports a large number of video and image entries. This system can identify the suspect in less than a second, even with the database containing millions of images.

Sunartek’s facial recognition system can operate with high-reliability standards as it is developed using neural networks and artificial intelligence technologies.
In this digital era where security is a necessity integrating advanced technology such as facial recognition will generate efficient results.