Facial Biometry

Have you ever wondered why your face is scanned at customs when you enter a country? Or how the new iPhone can unlock using your face instead of a password? The answer is facial recognition technology.

Facial Biometry can be an important alternative for selecting and developing an optimal biometric system. A Facial Biometry System does not require any advanced hardware, as it can be used with existing image capture devices (webcams, security cameras, etc.).

Thus, Facial Biometry should be considered as a serious alternative in the development of biometric or multi-biometric systems.

What is Facial Biometry?

Facial Biometry, known as a biometric software application, is competent in distinctively recognizing or verifying an individual by comparing and examining patterns based on an individual’s face-based contours. In simple words, this software can study your features, match them with information in a database and detect who you are.

How does Facial Biometry work?

Every face has several distinguishable landmarks that are identified by the Facial Biometry System. Some of the nodal points evaluated by face recognition applications are the breadth of the nose, the structure of cheekbones, jawline length, and the deepness of the eye sockets. Nodal points are measured thereby creating a numerical code that represents the face in the database.

The Facial Biometry System works in a four-stage process involving capturing a physical or a behavioral sample by the system for enrolment. This is followed by the extraction of unique data from the sample whereby a template is created thereafter. The template is then evaluated with the latest sample followed by matching.

Sunartek’s Facial Biometry System

Facial Biometry Systems at Sunartek, not only capitalize on a person’s facial dimensions but also alerts when the faces don’t match. Keeping in view one’s image as a storage for a centralized server, our Facial Biometry Systems can recognize the same picture confronted across various cameras. With the usage of biometric software and pattern-evaluation skills, our Face Authentication Biometrics target elevates security standards for public safety and diverse businesses/services.

We have designed and developed the fastest and accurate Facial Biometry Systems that operate cost-effectively on IP cameras, smartphones, and body-worn devices, addressing two major concerns: Security and Customer Data Enrichment.

Facial Biometry from Sunartek ensure utmost security across the banking sector, corporate arena, governmental organizations and defense industry.

Beneficial features of the Facial Biometry System

• Reduces crime in State, City or Organizations and improves public safety
• Spot the details of targets and prevent any atrocities
• Searches for missing people
• Ensures safety for critical areas such as Airports, Railway stations, Malls, or any other infrastructure or Transportation. Likewise, individual detection and flight registration without presenting documents.
• Create and manage a unique multichannel customer communication
• Profound customer experience and preferences analysis
• Building customized recommendations based on customers information
• Enables personalized recommendation for the target audience
• Accurate data about customer satisfaction
• Increasing average check
• Decreasing cost on attracting new customers
• Tracking Customers Movement within retail space
• Silhouette identification – To gather real-time indicators on human silhouettes, you must first facilitate silhouette recognition.
• Detection of the person & Clusterization – Cluster faces into a single entity and categorizes it as an individual.
• Face mask detection.
• Augmented Live view with real-time identification of face linked with each camera.

Overall, if used correctly and proportionately, Facial Biometry can help safeguard the public and improve national security on several fronts. It can do much more to boost security in the future – from street crime to security at airports, all the way through to helping those combatting addiction, technology has the potential to take operations & security to newer heights.