Face Recognition Attendance System

Face recognition attendance system is a high-speed and reliable technology to identify a person based on facial features.  This system serves as a “contactless way” to monitor the time and attendance of employees in an organization.

The images of all the employees are stored in the database. Normally when a person enters the organization, the system captures the biometric measurements of a person from a specific distance, later the face of the person is compared against the existing stored record and the time and attendance are marked accordingly. The face recognition attendance system detects the person alone as well as in a crowd.

In case of unauthorized access, the system sends real-time alerts. Therefore, a face recognition system serves as the best security solution for companies.

Features of Face Recognition Attendance System

High Speed Face Recognition with or without mask :

The face recognition attendance system is designed to identify a person even with any sort of accessories such a mask, glasses, cap etc.

Automated Attendance Tracking :

Deploying automated attendance tracking system simplifies the employee management process.

Liveness Detection :

The system also detects if the person standing in camera is real or if its is someone else trying to commit fraud by showing the picture of the person. And ensures security in the organisation.

High Accuracy :

Our face recognition attendance system is driven by artificial intelligence and neural networks, ensuring high speed and upto 99% accuracy.





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Advantages of Face Recognition Attendance System

  • Automated Time tracking
  • Visitor Management
  • Eliminates physical login
  • Easy Integration
  • Intruder Detection

Integrating a face recognition attendance system is very beneficial for the organization. The system also promotes touchless employee management and develops a secure working environment.

During this pandemic era, the contactless face recognition attendance system is highly recommended to enhance the safety of the employees as well.

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