BTS Hunter: Are your cell phones being intercepted

With the latest technology available in these times, cell phone calls can easily be intercepted which means they can easily invade your privacy. Many interception services leave hardly a trace of any kind of breach, permitting another party to access your messages, location, even your conversation without knowing about it. Hence, one needs to utilize BTS Hunter.

Why do we need BTS Hunter?

A BTS Hunter is a cellular network receiver & analyzer that holds the ability to monitor all cellular networks (such as GSM, 3G, 4G).
The system is invented to detect and track any “fake” cellular networks as IMSI Catchers & Cellular Intercepts i.e. Monitoring Systems. The system works as an essential countermeasure device to identify and defeat cellular-based network eavesdropping.

BTS Hunter can transfer all decoded & original GPS positions, Signal levels, SIBs Signal quality, Noise level to the server. What’s more? It takes place at more than 80 parameter-level and provides its own assessment as well of whether those stations are suspected of unauthorized usage or not.

What will you derive from BTS Hunter?

Sunartek’s BTS Hunter can aware/alert the users on various possible interceptions and tracking. It aids Government and law enforcement organizations; private individuals & service providers identify and locate users of any illegal monitoring equipment. Moreover, it supports mobile network providers to assess the user-comprehended performance of their network equipment as well and instantly identify any kind of misconfiguration.

Beneficial Features: –

–  An entire passive-scanning of network environment.
–  Real-time analysis of surrounding LTE, UMTS, and GSM networks.
–  Built-in capability for cell search, which allows localizing any cellular network transmitter.
–  Intelligent algorithm: To detect any presence of suspicious network activity utilizing more than 75 parameters.
–  SIM card from the service provider is not required.
–  Record of all cells around the system in real-time.
–  Automatic filtering of fake cells based on the standard outlined criteria.
–  Search the source track of the selected cell.
–  Connect the directional antenna to improvise cell search experience (It’s optional).
–  Operational range: Up to 2 KM.

How can you secure yourself?

To authenticate whether your cell phone has been intercepted, be alert of certain vital indicators.

–   Use Sunartek’s BTS hunter
–   Keep a watch on your cell phone battery life.
–   Observe the warmth of your cell phone.
–   Pay attention/ Notice if your phone lights up when not in use.
–   Listen carefully if your phone suddenly starts making unusual background noises


Removing the battery from your phone when not in use is crucial. This will help in preventing your phone from being intercepted. However, it’s key to note that your phone still risks interception when it is turned off but basically it cannot be tapped without the battery. Due to their ease of connectivity, phones with Internet access are indeed more vulnerable to interception.