Biometric Systems

One of the most fundamental pieces of security is consensus and validation of individuals – the reason why several companies are utilizing biometric input devices. Biometric systems are becoming a key element to multifactor authentication and used for a wide variety of purposes. For example, to recognize individuals and regulate access to physical spaces, for information, services, and other rights or benefits, including the ability to cross international borders.
Let’s start by understanding what it is, it’s crucial usage and how we at Sunartek can aid you via our Facial & Voice Biometric Systems!

What is a Biometric System?

A biometric system is a system that permits the recognition of a characteristic of a person utilizing mathematical algorithms and biometric information.

Why use biometrics?

Unlike the usage of other means of authentication, like passwords or tokens, biometric recognition offers a strong connection between a person and a data record. One area where biometrics can provide substantial help is in guarding against attempts to fraudulently establish multiple identities. By searching through the enrolled biometric references, individuals who appear to have previously enrolled using a different identity can be highlighted for further investigation. It is exceedingly difficult to perform this type of check without the use of biometrics.

What is Face Authentication or Facial Biometrics?

Face Authentication System, known as a biometric software application, is competent of distinctively recognizing or verifying an individual by comparing and examining patterns based on an individual’s face-based contours. Simply put, this software can analyze your features, match it with information in a database and identify who you are.

Sunartek’s Face Authentication Systems

Face Authentication Systems at Sunartek, not only capitalize on a person’s facial dimensions but also alerts when the faces don’t match. Considering one’s picture as a storage for a centralized server, our Face Authentication Systems can identify the same picture encountered across diverse cameras. With the use of biometric software and pattern analyzing skills, our Face Authentication Biometrics intend to heighten security parameters for public safety and different businesses/services.
We have designed and developed the fastest and accurate Face Authentication Systems that operates cost-effectively on IP cameras, smartphones and body-worn devices, addressing two major concerns: Security and Customer Data Enrichment.
Face Authentication Biometrics from Sunartek ensure utmost security across the banking sector, corporate arena, governmental organizations and defense industry.

Beneficial features of Face Recognition System/Facial Biometrics

• Reduces crime in State, City or Organizations and improves public safety
• Spot the details of targets and prevent any atrocities
• Searches for missing people
• Ensures safety for critical areas such as Airports, Railway stations, Malls or any other infrastructure or Transportation. Also, individual identification and flight    registration without showing documents.
• Create and manage a unique multichannel customer communication
• Profound customer experience and preferences analysis • Building customized recommendation based on customers information
• Enables personalized recommendation for target audience
• Accurate data about customer satisfaction
• Increasing average check
• Decreasing cost on attracting new customers
• Tracking Customers Movement within retail space
• Silhouette Recognition – To collect real-time statistics on human silhouettes, you first must enable silhouette recognition.
• Person Detection & Clusterization – Cluster faces into solo entity and classify it as an individual.
• Face mask detection.
• Augmented Live-view with real-time identification of faces linked with each camera.

What are Voice Biometrics?

Voice or Conversational Biometrics is the science of using a person’s voice as a uniquely identifying biological characteristic in order to authenticate them. Also termed as voice verification or speaker recognition, Voice Biometrics allows quick, frictionless and top secure access for a variety of use-cases from telemarketing centers, mobile and online applications to chatbots, IoT devices and physical access.

Sunartek’s Vocal Profile Analysis (VPA)

Be it the analysis of massive amounts of audio recordings for investigation purposes or just a few audio tracks for forensic experts, the Vocal Profile Analysis from Sunartek can handle almost any speech-processing challenge. This platform-based on speech analytics system is primarily intended to be used by law enforcement, public safety, investigation and forensic experts. This Biometric System uses Conversational Biometrics Technology to instantly search and accurately identify the language, speakers and keywords within large amounts of audio recordings making it ideal for intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The user can add as many languages or speakers for identification into the system by educating or training Sunartek’s VPA using available voice samples. What’s more? VPA possesses the ability to evaluate audio files for speech/non-speech detections as well.

Valuable Advantages & Beneficial Features:

• Speaker Identification in signal through analysis from a known database of speaker voice samples.
• Keyword spotting
• Gender detection
• Emotion detection capability
• Age detection
• Constructed on a client-server mode/architecture.
• Use of standard hardware.
• Multi-parallel processing supported
• Multiple language recognition from a known database of languages.
• Implementation of standard software to be able to participate in additional development.
• Scalability and compatible interfaces for the addition of classifiers.
• Communication via TCP/IP
• Speech Detection Module

In a nutshell, facial recognition can be established with a camera and voice recognition can be easily implemented through a phone or other speaking device. Although these technologies are often used individually, they can be used together as well. When these Biometric Systems from Sunartek are used simultaneously, they can add an extra layer of security to a security system.