What is Big Data and its increasing importance for Government Agencies

Big data has a substantial impact on economic growth which is why it has been extensively utilized by government and public sectors. The government sectors leverage big data and data-associated technologies to better comprehend the development prospects of a country owing to economic facets influenced by technological advancements. Let’s understand what Big Data is and how it provides government agencies with an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and improve their organizations.

What is Big Data?

Big data refers to the vast collections of information, which can capture both structured and unstructured data. By analyzing trends and running millions of simulations, various government agencies and departments can then discover and use patterns that can help make informed future decisions.

Big data’s significant benefits to the government agencies

a) Quick and improved decision making: When trends and other insights sealed in Big Data are discovered, it becomes convenient and quicker to make organizational decisions. This is accomplished by processing the produced real-time information utilizing streaming tools and various other technologies. If these tools aren’t accessible, decision-making can return to building presumptions or complete avoidance of the managerial procedure.
b) Enhanced productivity: The availability of the necessary tools enables all users to work efficiently with big data sets to find information, make informed decisions, and have better service delivery. Better choices in government transform to improved services to its citizens.
c) Improved transparency and cost reduction: If data is stored in a central location, it becomes easy for all government agencies to access the information from a shared pool. Besides, this also aids in reducing inefficiencies and assures that only correct data is utilized.
d) Reduced crimes and security threats: Big Data can help state government departments in uncovering crimes and other illegal activities that pose a security threat in society. Cautious analysis of Big Data can help in spotting unusual behavioral patterns signifying fraudulent activities. The patterns can be utilized to come up with profiles and statistical standards to recognize doubtful transactions that can then be examined closely.

Sunartek’s Intelligent Information Analysis System for Big Data

Now that we know the significance of the Big Data approach, it’s indeed crucial to be able to mine the existing databases of various monitoring systems of government and law enforcement agencies and analyze large amounts of text, unstructured data & transaction data. Sunartek’s ‘Intelligent Information Analysis System’ has been created for this purpose and meets these requirements proficiently. The solution consists of extracts, semantically evaluations, unstructured data & text from a crowd of sources, involving websites, social networking sites, and internet news that has been observed in numerous monitoring platforms and prevailing databases, in a swift, precise and seamless manner.

Essential Features:

• An intelligent decision-based support and operations management program designed around a network-central geospatial platform.
• Provides a visualization platform with progressed analytics
• Multi-lingual proficiency: Currently Arabic & English. The customer’s choice of languages can be included.
• Capability to be connected to existing databases of diverse monitoring platforms.
• Presents custom-built reporting formats based on customer’s needs
• Geospatial analysis of data with location: An imperative parameter for rising trends/patterns.
• Competent in mining and evaluating large amounts of text, unstructured and transactional information.

In a nutshell, since many government agencies are aiming to have a more significant digital transformation, Big Data is expected to play a critical role in modernizing the provision of services to the citizenry. Hence, seek to gain advanced analytics with elements such as predictive models, statistical algorithms & more to make informed security, governance, and business decisions with Sunartek.