Digital Forensic Analysis Tools for Investigation

Digital Forensic Analysis is the process of investigating electronic data. The main purpose of digital forensic analysis is to collect, identify and validate digital information using digital forensic analysis tools such as OSINT, Voice Print Analysis, darknet intelligence, natural language processing, cryptanalysis, etc.

During the various phases of investigation, the investigative officers come across various evidence such as images, voice samples, etc. Digital forensic analysis tools analyze this evidence, which helps in proving the innocence or guilt of the suspect in the court of law. Information may be hidden inside the dark web or may also be encrypted, Digital forensic analysis techniques can also extract the hidden and encrypted information as well.

Digital Forensic Analysis Tools for Investigation

To gather information during investigation suitable analysis tools are used. Therefore, let’s understand the objectives of various analysis tools.

1. OSINT Tools / Open Source Intelligence Tools

Open Source Intelligence Tools, commonly known as OSINT Tools, collect publicly available information of the suspect from various sources such as newspapers, social media, journals, news sites, photographs, and many more. The gathered information will be analyzed and a structured report containing all information about the suspect will be generated by the OSINT Tool.

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2. Voice Print Analysis Forensic Tools

Voice Print Analysis or Voice Biometrics tool is the most effective tool to verify the suspect’s identity. Voice biometric tool matches the voice sample of the individual obtained from the sources with the voice template that is present in the database of the investigation agency to verify the identity of the individual.  Various analyses can be done with this Voice Print Analysis tools such as gender, age, emotion, and language and keyword spotting as well.

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3. Cryptanalysis Forensic Tools

Cryptography is the most common method used to keep the military away from secret information. Most of the nefarious information is coded before they are being transmitted, this secret information can only be decoded by the receiver who knows the code. Cryptanalysis tools can decode the message even without knowing the code.

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4. Darknet Intelligence  Forensic Tools

The dark web is a commonly used network by intruders mainly for all kinds of illegal activities. Darknet Intelligence tools extract the information from the dark web and unleash the secret information.

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5. Face Recognition Forensic Tools

Face recognition tools are integrated with the video monitoring system in various locations like airports, railway stations, malls, public venues and many more. Face recognition tools match the image from the video monitoring system with the images in the database of the investigation agency in real-time which helps in the easy identification of suspects in various locations.

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All the mentioned forensic tools of Sunartek Labs offer complete security and can also have a user-friendly interface.

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