Advantages of Facial Recognition System

Face Recognition Technology (FRT) is fast growing as a biometric authentication solution. In fact, Face Recognition Technology is predicted to rise from USD 3.85 billion in 2017 to an estimated USD 9.78 billion by 2023. There is a growing acceptance among security-conscious organizations, governments, and public places like airports, hospitals, banking institutions, and more.

However, there are five salient features that qualify Face Recognition Technology to be a part of any security authentication process.
1. Better Accuracy: It offers multiple techniques like 3D mapping, deep learning to provide reliable results that one cannot trick.
2. Greater Security: Face Recognition has been found to be better than fingerprint authentication, doubling the probability of a wrong unlock.
3. Non-Contact Convenient: Face Recognition Technology is easy to use and can be used without the knowledge of the subject adding convenience to the users.
4. Seamless Integration: You can easily incorporate or add Face Recognition tools to your security infrastructure at a low cost within no time.
5. Programmed Solutions: Face Recognition Technology if once automated and included in authentication controls, deliver accurate security solutions all around the clock eliminating the need for security personnel to monitor entry points, secure them, and maintain security cameras all along.

Application benefit of Facial Recognition System

The application for facial recognition is growing with efforts to utilize technology to make the world a safer, smarter, and more convenient place to live in. Some of the ways the technology is being utilized across industries and functions speak for the wide proliferation of this technology in our lives and lifestyle.

Crime Prevention

Facial recognition can help prevent local crimes. Be it at the supermarket to stop retail over-the-counter crimes by shoplifters to small thefts in Five Star Hotels that find their toiler papers and toiletries missing. All of it can be prevented.

Unlocking phones – Protecting data

A powerful application of this technology is now widely used by many mobile phones to protect data and safeguard information on personal handphones.

Creating smarter advertising – better targeting

One can curate better campaigns and process the right messages by making an educated guess of people’s age and gender with facial recognition.

Helps Law Enforcement agents and agencies

A ready database scanning on spot is possible from a distance by using facial recognition technology. Law enforcers could easily identify suspects and wanted criminals on the field. The technology can help forensic experts recognize the dead or unconscious in security footage and videos.
Finding missing persons, protecting schools from threats could be an area of application that facial recognition could contribute extensively. Another area could be event-protecting where facial recognition can help surveillance and capture suspects and ensure safety from unfortunate incidents.
Finding Rover, a facial recognition app, that helps to find missing pets, track them, and alert pet owners.

Recognition to our aid – Safety first

Facial recognition can handpick popular personalities amongst multitudes and help you highlight their presence. Imagine a popular personality captured on camera in a huge sporting event. The frenzy is palpable and services to them can be customized and safety can be enhanced aiding in better event or celebrity management.
Recognition can help conduct smooth banking transactions and even validate identities at ATMs and use it as an authentication tool for safer transactions. It’s being used at casinos to track cheaters and defaulters to detain them from entering the premises.

Track Attendance – Ensure presence

One can easily use facial recognition technology to track attendance at any place. Schools, offices, and even churches can be monitored for regularity and any unknown person security can be alerted and they can be pulled up for questioning to ensure safety and quick action.

Tracking nuances – Helping the blind

Face recognition technology is being used to help the blind recognize the facial expression of the people in conversation to help their social experience. A buzzer vibrates when people smile at them.

Identify people on social media

One could search the platform for his or her photo and choose the one to tag, to seek updates and information of a near and dear ones, or simply locate the reach of the photos.

Access control across industries

Better access control management to sensitive areas is made possible with facial recognition. You can choose who enters were easy.

Adding convenience to Air travel

Airlines use this to help check bags, check-in planes, and board faster adding convenience to safety and validity to your travel.

Medical Diagnose made possible

Interestingly, the National Human Genome Institute Research Institute has used face recognition to detect a rare disease called DiGeorge syndrome. Face recognition has helped diagnose this disease that has a part of 22 chromosomes missing in 96% of cases.

Combine strategies for effective results

Facial Recognition Technology like any other technology is should be combined with other methods to strengthen user access and for more accurate and effective results.

The experiments in exploring the application of facial recognition despite the disadvantage are ongoing; Even as technology is being strengthened with new approaches for effective results; Facial Recognition represents the new wave in identity and authentication solutions.

There is much more than the mere face value we attribute to facial recognition; it truly offers the best user convenience and data security in biometric technologies and deserves to be a part of every authentication strategy.