Advantages of Facial Recognition

In today’s time, we humans, identify others by looking at their faces, not by iris scan or fingerprint. So, faces are an integral element in identifying someone. The biometric software application, called Facial recognition technology credits itself with analyzing numerous patterns of a person’s facial contours in order to recognize and differentiate a person from another. In fact, recent progress in Artificial Intelligence has allowed tech companies to begin offering new face recognition online services. Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and new players like Betaface, Kairos & BioID are leading the effort. As a result, many new enterprises can now bring to market applications with face recognition.
Here are some of the crucial benefits this technology provides.

Superior security

With the help of facial recognition, the first thing to start with would be surveillance. it will be easier to track down any burglars, thieves, or any other trespassers. On the governmental level, facial recognition can aid in identifying terrorists or any other criminals with the help of the face scan only. The extra plus is the fact that one cannot hack the technology: there is nothing to steal or change, like a password for example. When it’s for personal use, one can capitalize on facial recognition technology to safeguard personal devices as well as cameras that are used on a private level.

Seamless integration

For companies, this is probably one of the biggest benefits. The facial recognition technology is quite easily integrated, which makes it a perfect choice. It doesn’t require spending additional money on its integration and most of the facial recognition solutions are compatible with most of the security software. A 100% win-win.

Faster processing

The process of identifying a face takes a second or less – and this is incredibly beneficial for the companies. In the era of constant cyber-attacks and advanced hacking tools, organizations need technology that would be both fast & secure. Considering that it is almost immediate, it grants a quick and efficient verification of a person. Moreover, it’s hard to fool this technology, so this is another bonus.

Automation of identification

In previous times, security guards had to perform manual identification of a person that took a lot of time and did not boast high accuracy. However, today, being completely independent in terms of the identification process, facial recognition is incredibly accurate and takes only a few seconds. The utilization of infrared cameras & 3D facial recognition technology significantly augmented the level of accuracy for facial recognition.

Augmented use in Banking

Despite several security measures taken by financial institutions worldwide, banking fraud is still a recurring problem. While Banks have become sophisticated at using one-time passwords to authorize transfers or access accounts, there’s still room for improvement. One possible solution is biometric identification via facial recognition technology.

Imagine! Instead of those OTPs (one-time passwords), what if you could manage transactions by looking at your PC or smartphone? Biometric online banking is another beneficial trait of face recognition, right there.

Overall, if used correctly and proportionately, facial recognition can help safeguard the public and improve national security on several fronts. It can do a lot more to increase security in the future – from street crime to airport security, all the way through to assisting those battling addiction, technology has the potential to take operations & security to newer heights.