Face Authentication

You may already be engaging with Face Authentication technology on a day-to-day basis without realizing it, but there are massive implications for the future of tech development. Perhaps Facebook correctly tagged you and your friends in some photos you recently uploaded, and you wondered how it knew who it was. Well, it raises the question: where will the future of Face Authentication technology take us? Hence, let’s understand what it means and its importance in today’s age.

What is Face Authentication?

Face Authentication System, known as a biometric software application, is competent of distinctively recognizing or verifying an individual by comparing and examining patterns based on an individual’s face-based contours. Simply put, this software can analyze your features, match it with information in a database and identify who you are.

Significance of Face Authentication

a) Uses for Personal Security:

Theft of personal identity and financial information has become an increasingly real threat. Face Authentication Technology has already been used as a means to protect your identity; there are ATM machines that actually scan your facial and iris features to help prevent an unwanted stranger from using your information.

b) Uses for Commercial Security:

Businesses can use Face Authentication Biometrics to identify criminals or previous offenders. This could be great for the headquarters of a commercial entity: if you have a secure parking lot, you could use a Face Authentication System to determine who exactly was coming into your parking lot. The high-resolution images produced via the Face Authentication Biometrics could be matched against a database of criminals to immediately flag anyone who shouldn’t be entering your facility.

c) Uses for National Security:

When it comes to benefiting crime investigations, face authentication can offer up additional intelligence. These systems can memorize the faces of persons of interest, networks of gang members, wanted criminals, and those suspected of involvement in serious violent crimes. Furthermore, face authentication systems don’t need prior personal engagement to recognize an individual and see only data, not gender, age, or race. Its ability to check in real-time if a person is on a criminal watchlist adds an extra layer to the decision-making process before conducting a stop and search, lowering the likelihood of discrimination.

Sunartek’s Face Authentication Systems

Face Authentication Systems at Sunartek, not only capitalize on a person’s facial dimensions but also alert when the faces don’t match. Considering one’s picture as a storage for a centralized server, our Face Authentication Systems can identify the same picture encountered across diverse cameras. With the use of biometric software and pattern analyzing skills, our Face Authentication Biometrics intends to heighten security parameters for public safety and different businesses/services.
We have designed and developed the fastest and accurate Face Authentication Systems that operate cost-effectively on IP cameras, smartphones, and body-worn devices, addressing two major concerns: Security and Customer Data Enrichment.
Face Authentication Biometrics from Sunartek ensure utmost security across the banking sector, corporate arena, governmental organizations, and defense industry.

In fact, when considering the banking sector, despite several security measures taken by financial institutions worldwide, banking fraud is still a recurring problem. While Banks have become sophisticated at using one-time passwords to authorize transfers or access accounts, there’s still room for improvement. One possible solution is biometric identification via Face Authentication technology. Imagine! Instead of those OTPs (one-time passwords), what if you could manage transactions by looking at your PC or smartphone? Biometric online banking is another beneficial trait of face recognition, right there. This is where Sunartek’s Face Authentication for Remote Banking Services (FARBS System) can prove to be beneficial. Sunartek’s FARBS system is an ‘API-based solution’ that can be integrated with a banking application either on a mobile phone or a mobile banking web server. The API is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux platforms.

Beneficial features of the FARBS System:

– Hackers will not have access to the customer’s account, even if they bypass mobile security. – More secure than conventional mobile phone-based Face Authentication as profiles are stored on the bank’s server.
– Platform Independent: The API-based solution makes it easy to integrate
– Works in all conditions: Low lighting, day/night contrasts & more
– Works effectively even when the user is wearing any cap, spectacles, etc.
– Verification time: Less than 3-seconds
– Dual-layer Liveness Detection: Ability to detect the first layer i.e. front-end from a mobile application (platform-dependent) & the second layer i.e. back-end from server verification.
– Works with normal internet bandwidths for any requirement regarding online banking transactions.

Overall, if utilized correctly and accurately, face authentication systems can help safeguard the public and improve national security on several fronts. It can do a lot more to increase security in the future – from street crime to airport security, all the way through to assisting those battling addiction, technology has the potential to take operations & security to newer heights.