Advanced cyber defense solutions for Defense and Investigation agencies

The entire process of investigation is tedious and time-consuming. To reduce the complexity there are various cyber defense tools such as Voice Print Analysis, OSINT, etc. Let’s begin by understanding a few solutions,

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) –

OSINT platform is used to collect digital footprints of the prime suspect from various social media platforms like forums, blogs, news sites, and other open-source mediums.

Facial Recognition System –

Facial Recognition System is used to collect information about the suspect from the database of the investigation agency. The images of the suspect obtained from various sources like camera, video, or photos are compared with the entry in the database to obtain all relevant information.

Voice Print Analysis –

Voice Print Analysis is also known as Voice Forensic System is used to obtain information about the speaker, gender, age of the suspect and to determine the keywords present in the voice sample.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) –

Natural Language Processing tools are used to process human voice and e information such as the emotion of the speaker and the keywords in it.

Cryptanalysis –

Most of the secret information used for communication is coded. Cryptanalysis algorithms can be used for decoding these encrypted messages.

Big Data Analysis –

Big data analysis tools are used to uncover information such as telephone numbers, mobile numbers, satellite, phone numbers, e-mail IDs, social network IDs, etc. from large data sets.

Darknet intelligence –

Darknet or dark web is where most of the data is purposefully hidden for nefarious activities. Darknet Intelligence tools can crawl through such networks and find the information.
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Open Source Intelligence

Voice Print Analysis

Facial Recognition System


Darknet intelligence

Big Data Analysis

Natural Language Processing